Upcoming works

- An Unseasonable Fall Of Snow -

Written by Gary Henderson

2019 High School Tour

Written by Gary Henderson in 1998 the play is a raw and compelling investigation of human life. It was originally commissioned by the NZ International Festival of the Arts and has risen to fame, being performed in many theatres NZ and worldwide – landing it, and Gary Henderson a spot in the NCEA Prescribed Playwrights list.

“A bewildered young man is questioned by a ruthless interrogator, who circles like a predator, forcing him closer and closer to an awful admission. A compelling investigation of truth, consequences, and the ultimate value of human life.”

Meet the Cast

SamUel James

- Liam -

I’m super excited to bring this poignant story to New Zealand I believe it touches on topics in our society which we need to address more now than ever before.

"Samuel James has graduated with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts studying under Pedro Ilgenfritz, Alex Whitham and Elizabeth Hawthorne at Unitec, Auckland. He also trained at Hagley Theatre Company under Cameron Mattox and Darryl Low. Samuel most recently performed in ‘On Whatipu’ with Navi Collaborative, and ‘Art’, a play by Yasmine Reza which he also produced, Samuel appeared in Navi Collaborative’s ‘Balls’ written by Joshua Baty and toured New Zealand performing Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ and the ‘Merchant of Venice’. Samuel James has also performed as Lepidus in the Pop-up Globe’s Antony and Cleopatra and played John Jebsen in Pedro Ilgenfritz’s devised work titled ‘2063’. He is passionate about theatre and has recently shifted attention toward film and tv where he hopes to build a strong portfolio of work."

Tyler Brailey

- Arthur -

Tyler has been working closely with Simple Truth theatre since their inception in 2015 and became a core member in 2016 after graduating Unitec. This is set to be his first nation wide tour with the company.

"It's a big challenge to bring a show of this calibre all around the country. Luckily Simple Truth has been doing this for a few years now so we know our system and what works. I'm very much looking forward to delivering something that has an impact and hopefully gets people talking.”