Past projects

- Pure & Deep -

July 2020

For the first time since its world premiere in 2014, Simple Truth Theatre bought the independent sequel to Toa Fraser's smash hit 'Bare', set 14 years later, a stand-alone, enriching and invigorating piece: Pure and Deep.

Fraser once again creates a colourful collection of characters driven through the medium of monologues from the russian wife living in her piha paradise, to an awful aging gym-freak and many more in between; but the true stars of the show are the central characters dave and venus. Who are more cautious and vulnerable than ever and are yearning to uncover what it means to be alive.

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(Check out the Education Pack for 'An Unseasonable Fall of Snow' for and example!)

*Originally Comissioned by Auckland Live*

An Unseasonable Fall of snow

May/June 2019

Directed by our own Rhian Firmin, An Unseasonable Fall of Snow is seeped in awesome tension and has a great twist at the end! It also brings up suicide and presents it in a new light. This is the perfect show for the high school drama room and it has been performed many times in the scholarship exams.

Simple Truth's 2019 season was a smash hit with highschools. Over six weeks we visited 22 schools from the far South to Northland, entertaining and educating over 1000 students.

Check out the Education Pack 👉

UFOS Education Pack.pdf

January 2019

Project T. was Simple Truth Theatres first ever public South Island show. We went back to our roots and decided to meld together several different short plays into one show full of tears, laughs and love.

The plays were written and performed by both emerging and established writers and actors - with our youngest actor making his acting debut at the age of 1 along side mum and dad, Rhian and Tyler whom were the driving force behind Project T. and directed the powerful performances.

We believe in accessibility for actors and audiences and strive to break down the negative stigma that it's impossible to put new work on the stage. We want to create a culture that is always hungry to do more.

Welcome to Project T.


May/June 2018

The 2018 High School Tour of Verbatim was a huge success. This was by far Simple Truths most ambitious project at the time, reaching over 20 schools and hundreds of students from all demographics in many locations throughout New Zealand.

Verbatim marked Simple Truths first steps into the South Island and the team went full speed ahead spending two weeks in the greater region ranging from Nelson, to as far south as Wanaka in Central Otago - and everywhere in between!

A crew of three took to the road at the start of May and didn’t return home until mid June; Taylor Griffin - Director and Co-Producer of Verbatim 2018, Robert Harper - Tour Management and Co-Producer of Verbatim 2018, and Rebekah Dack - Solo Actress. The team saw much of the country and many eager students

Verbatim is a solo show with six seen characters and three prerecorded voices. It tells the story of Aaron, a 22 year old man convicted of murder - the before and after. The play tells us his story, that of the ‘locked away person’ that as a society we silence. We hear not only his story, but that of his family and their struggle with what’s happened and the victims family and their story of grief and acceptance.

Verbatim is truly a compelling story that holds a very strong place in New Zealand theatre and we at Simple Truth feel privileged to have toured it to high schools in 2018!


August 3rd - 12th 2017

Devised by Apricity Productions, Simple Truth was hired as a collective to mentor and support up and coming creative producers, designers, actors and production crew in the devising and marketing of a new performance art installation with Apricity, Navi Collaborative and Te Pou Theatre. Modelled after the work of Punch Drunk, Interoception was a ‘magic school bus styled journey through the brain of Tara, our protagonist who was struggling with the effects of emotional PTSD.

Our role on this project was to overcome the logistical challenges and provide the props, set and resources needed for the show to come to fruition. It was a collaboration between a number of professional companies and helped us to grow as leaders and mentors whilst overcoming massive budget constraints within a tight timeframe.


June 7th - 17th 2017

Spearheaded by Rhian Firmin and guest writer/musical director Amber Liberte, this devised piece was a chance for us to reflect and respond on what we saw in the community around us. Supported by the Onehunga Community Centre, Oranga Tamariki and KidsCan we set out to devise a show that addressed the personalities involved in the housing crisis – and ultimately what poverty looks like in NZ. Going back to our roots, this was a bare bones production that used young graduates as cast, musicians and production team. Minimalistic, simple and open, this was an experiment into political and confrontational theatre whilst trying to keep the emotional honesty that is present in all of our works.

This piece will continue to be developed into 2018, this time as a short film. Taking some of the key characters and developing the relationships we discovered. The script is currently in final stages of its second draft and is on track to be submitted for Fresh 30 in January 2018



In 1998 Toa Frasers 'Bare' made an impact on the arts scene within New Zealand. It’s a classic kiwi comedy with a hilarious matrix of urban poetry and streetwise lip. 2 Actors – 24 characters rap and riff on body image, films, takeaway food, graffiti and English literature. This contemporary classic has earned its place as an icon of New Zealand theatre and is even being taught around the country as part of the Drama and English curriculum.

Simple Truth found their niche when touring this piece. Not only were touring a commercially successful theatre show but working and inspiring youth to engage with theatre and developing their communication skills. We had standing ovations from sold out public audiences, and rave reviews from students and teachers alike. We found that youth in the smaller towns were crying out for the opportunity to engage with art – thus our annual schools tour was born.

The Ball Date

March 29th - April 9th 2016

Written by our very own John Rata as Simple Truths Theatres' debut show as a company and we wanted to show the world what we stood for.

The Ball Date is a show about love, kindness, relationships, communication and connection. Following the journey of Jess and Alby through their ‘childhood sweet heart’ type of relationship as we see them overcome the obstacles that life throws in their way.

Originally written as a 10 minute short play, John Rata’s extensive screen writing experience is evident in translating the “rom-com” genre to the stage. As a freshly devised piece it was received well by audiences and gave us a great platform to launch into future projects. We are excited to revisit this work in the future and to continue to develop the script as a company.