Our values

Live. Reflect. Create.

As is clear in our company name 'Simple Truth Theatre' we value simple, truthful theatre that is focused on the heart of the story and not hiding behind flashy aesthetics. As a company we are dedicated to this cause and aim to achieve by devising our own theatre, touring high schools and performing our own take on published works.

We at Simple Truth value the importance of making theatre accessible to audiences from a young age and we work to achieve this through taking productions to students all over the country in the form of our annual High School Tour - with a large focus on opening our availability to smaller communities that are off the trodden path.

Our passion for storytelling is one of the driving forces behind Simple Truth, with each and every one of our members highly valuing it's importance. We believe that through story lies the ability to tell our own truths, to create shared experience with others, to highlight important issues and shout out LOUD about the importance of change and growth in our industry and in society.

Simple Truth strives to bridge the gap between being a student and a professional and to break down the walls that often feel impossible to climb and we also understand through our own experience how hard it can be for an established artist to continue driving and cultivating their passion in the face of such a wild future. Simple Truth is a theatre company to include everyone, be that student, professional, old, young, those who seek truth, those who love stories or even those who just love a good night out at the theatre but most important of all we seek to connect and grow with you, our audience, by telling and sharing, simple, meaningful, truthful stories.